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Asia’s top bicycle bag brand since 1987

The Source for Bike Bags Online

Vincita, a leading bicycle bag brand, offer a wide selection of carry-ons for cyclists. Whether you need a cyclist bike bag for work, activity or simply for everyday transportation, Vincita has a bike bag to fit every cycler. For bike bags online, trust and rely on the experts at Vincita.

What’s Your Bike Bag Style?

We don't just carry regular bags that can loosely attach to a bike. Our bags are designed for cyclists who spend long periods of time on their bikes. The design allows them to be practical, including features like 100% waterproof or Klickfix system. These special characteristics bring peace of mind that your gear will always stay secured and safe.

Beyond the Traditional Backpack

Bike bags have gone way beyond the traditional backpack. Besides, backpacks are prone to leaving you with sore shoulders and sweaty backs.Bags are now becoming part of the bike, using the bike’s frame and parts as a way to attach the bags, like the saddle bag, bikepacking bags and frame bags. The bag no longer has to weigh you down. Let your bike hold onto it for you.

Engineered to Endure

These bike bags have been engineered for durability and can take the daily conditions of biking. You can get a waterproof bag in most any size and style. With different pockets and pouches, there’s a spot for everything you need to take with you. You’ll never have to worry again about how you’ll carry your things while biking.

Why Shop with Vincita

We understand cycling and deliver bike bags online that no other provider can. Because we’ve been in the industry for decades, we’ve used this experience to refine our bicycle bag brand to ensure it delivers the look and function needed by cyclists.

Passionate About Delivering the Best Bike Bags

Founded in 1987, Vincita has been outfitting cyclists all around the world for years. Our focus is to bring the modern, practical cycling bag to customers. Our first bike bags were tested by adventuring cyclists. We’ve continued to listen to this community to understand what they best need while on the road or trail. We are passionate about delivering the best bags to riders as they travel across the road. Whether you’re going five miles or 500, we have a bike bag style for any application.

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