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Bikepacking Bags for Cyclists

Bikepacking Bags for Cyclists

       Our bags are designed to make packing easier. Whether you are headed into the wild or just navigating around the city, these versatile bags are great for both. We offer three types of bikepacking bags: bikepacking frame bags, bikepacking saddle bags and bikepacking handlebar bags. Each has its own features and benefits. Explore all our offerings to find the right bikebacking bag for your lifestyle.

Bikepacking Frame Bags

       Frame bags offer the opportunity for storage within a bike’s triangle, which is the space formed by the top tube, seat tube and downtube. It adheres to the frame with Velcro straps. A bikepacking frame bag is compact but ideal for carrying heavier items due to its low center of gravity. Choose from different sizes and colors. Most all bikepacking frame bags are water resistant. With a single zipper, they are also easy to get into should you need something quickly.

Backpacking Saddle Bags

       These bags are easy to secure and light. Vincita offers a universal saddle bag that fits most any bike. They are designed for touring cyclists and attach with no hassle. Although small, it can hold more than you think. Backpacking saddle bags fit under the rear of the seat and won’t interrupt your pedaling. They are simple to attach and secure straps only.    

Backpacking Handlebar Bags

       Handlebars have long been the most used spot to attach storage gear. Beyond the traditional handlebar bag, backpacking handlebar bags are made to perfectly adhere to the handlebar. These bags include robust handlebar attachments, anti-abrasion patches to reduce any damage from changing gears and typically have multiple pockets. It’s a good idea to keep it light up front so that it doesn’t interrupt your handling. Our bags have an adjustable panel, allowing for a small tent or sleeping pad. It also works with drop bars. Handlebar bags attach with Klickfix quick release and straps. The bag’s materials include waterproof fabric, and water-resistant Cordura fabric. It’s ready for wherever the road takes you.

Why Choose Vincita for Backpacking Bags

Explore all our bikepacking bags to find the one right for your biking lifestyle. You will enjoy a wide selection of options when shopping with us. Quality made bags from Vincita will last and endure. No matter what type of cycle you have, we have a bag to fit your bike.


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